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Our service facilities located in Kokomo and Lafayette can handle major truck repair to scheduled maintenance. The bumper to bumper full service facilities span over 50,000 square feet, with 24 service bays to serve your needs.
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What type of truck are you looking to buy or sell? Commercial / Work and Big Trucks; Buy, Sell, and Search for work trucks, trailers, and equipment.
2020 CM TRUCK BED ER. Flatbed Body Only. 2020 CM TRUCK BED ER, CM model ER Flatbed: *lengths 84", 8'6", 9'4",11'4"* *Steel Tube headache Rack* *Headache Rack lights Clear LED Oval w/Chrome Ho... Gary Gross Truck & Accessories. Lincoln, NE | 1,201 mi. away.
Long distances, high fuel prices, and harsh elements are just some of the challenges you and your truck face on the open road. Be prepared to face these challenges with a range-maximizing aluminized steel fuel tank. Tap every last ounce of your truck's inherent towing and hauling capabilities with one of these options: Aftermarket Fuel Tank Systems CM Lowboy OVERSIZE LOAD Edit - Custom Modding ... Retriever Stake Bed - GIANTS Software ... 1941 COE Log Truck - Lambo & Winston
CM Truck Beds has become a product of choice for commercial upfitters and fleets many years running. Whether you are in Ocala looking for a simple flat bed or a rugged aluminum truck bed, CM Truck Beds has the bed you need to accommodate your truck. Our diverse product lineup will fit almost any cab and chassis or take off body unit. CM Truck Bed Review and Install It’s all aluminum except for the 4 in. steel channel iron under the bed that attaches to the truck frame and connects to all the hitches. I went with aluminum because it won’t rust and is lighter. Now I have ½ a new truck as the new Ford Super Duty’s have aluminum bodies.
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